“Ms. Sullivan recently presented a program to our writers league. With her practical experience in
business administration, she provided a germane and carefully wrought analysis of the expansive
field of marketing and promotion. The course was augmented by a carefully prepared handout,
which she had researched and distilled to its key elements.

Her positive and enthusiastic presentation held us captivated and it was obvious that others in
our class were impressed by her ability to respond to individual questions, without losing the goal
of this complicated program. She had great rapport with her “students,” relating complicated
information in an informal, easy manner, which was appreciated by those of us who were
furiously taking notes.

Not every expert is also a confident, knowledgeable, and skillful instructor. Her written work
reflects that same clarity of expression. It is no wonder that her most recent book,
Dare to Be
Your Own Boss,
has received high praise from both professional reviewers, other authors,... ."

Patricia A. Bloom, Ph.D., Coauthor of the forthcoming book, A Practical Guide to
Service Dogs
. www.mymagicdog.com

“Maya Sullivan spoke to our women's networking group and uplifted us all. She is an excellent
presenter, well informed and inspires business owners to succeed. Ignite your vocational by
utilizing her expertise, she will help guide you and take you to the next level in your business."

-Rae Ann Hall, Owner HALL Insurance Agency, LLC
President NOW Networking

“Maya thoroughly and clearly explores the steps to making yourself an author/entrepreneur. She
remained opened to questions from the audience, and so, in the end, we had a very clear and
complete idea of both the mandatory steps (like licensing) and ways to tailor optional opportunities
to varying needs. As a fiction author who had already completed some of the steps she outlined, I
came away with a far more complete picture of available opportunities. Thank you, Maya!"

-Judith Kirscht, Author of
The Camera's Eye, Hawkins Lane, The Inheritors and Home Fires

“Maya provided the Make Writing Your Business: The Nitty-Gritty of Being and Author
workshop. … Making a living as a writer is hard enough just producing the work,
throw in the business component and some of us are likely to go crazy. Maya delivered.
She provided a fun workshop and safe environment where participants were active, which helped
everyone learn.

If you are looking for practical and useful advice you can implement in your business, you won’t
want to miss Maya’s workshop. I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to attend, as her
expertise and experience will take miles off the journey."

-Joy A. Burke, Writer and Consultant,

"Thank you for your presentation last week at the Network of Women group, Maya. You are a
very polished speaker and had great content too."

-Jean Kercheval, Owner Kercheval Photography,

“Ms. Sullivan is an exceptionally skilled presenter. When she spoke at the Skagit Valley Writers
League on “The Benefits of Professional Book Reviews and How to Obtain Them,” she was
professional and relatable. I bought a copy of her highly acclaimed book,
Dare to Be Your Own
Boss: Follow Your Passion, Create a Niche
and I am finding the same high-level expert advice.
I highly recommend her for speaking engagements."

-Sharon E. Anderson, President Skagit Valley Writers League and author of Curse of the Seven
70s., www.skagitwriters.org and

"I just wanted to send a note and let you know that your gave a very good presentation Thursday.
Lots of useful information. Thanks for doing it."
-Robert H. Mottram, Coauthor of
Think Like Your Dog and Enjoy the Rewards.

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